About Us
Pearlescent & inorganic pigments designed to highlight the beauty within.

Keeping in line with our ethos of “Spiritually Fulfilling, Socially Just & Environmentally Friendly” we ensure that no child labor is employed at any of our facilities or in our supply chain.

Please refer to our Mica Sourcing Policy Document for more information.


Sudarshan’s SumicosTM and PrestigeTM pearlescent pigments unfold their effect just like nature, reflecting the light like natural pearls and giving the impression of transparency and a softly shimmering tone

Our PrestigeTM brand brings to the fore our softer and more matte effect products with high purity levels that are apt for use in color cosmetics and make up.

Our SumicosTM brand brings the brilliancy and shimmer to distinguish products in the personal care space.

What’s particularly advantageous about them is their high versatility; being chemically inert, they are compatible with all cosmetic formulas.