Natural cosmetic Ingredient
Siberian grace

Siberian larch extract, the main component of this pre-mix product, has very strong anti-oxidative effect.

Siberian larch is very rich in Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin), which is one type of flavonoid polyphenol contributing to the strong anti-oxidative effect.

Dihydroquercetin itself is absolutely insoluble in water, but Siberian Grace is a premix ingredient that enables dihydroquercetin to be soluble in water.

Siberian larch
  • S. name: Larix Sibilica
  • Height : 40-50m
  • Diameter : 50cm-100cm av. (80cm in picture below)
  • Age: 350-600 years old

It grows for long years in extremely cold climates impressing strong vitality.

Besides, a stump with the age of 1348 years old has been found in the past. Also the larch is known as, “permanent tree”, because of high durability; it is hardly rotten.


In the old book, people native to the area of Anyui, Kolyma, and Verkhoyansk, inland of Eastern Russians used to drink the broth of the Siberian larch; they stripped off the bark, chopped it, and boiled it with water and milk.

Available food in winter was very limited in this area which made it hard for people to keep a nutritional balance. Siberian larch might have been a surivial food for these people in winter.

Active substance

The material used to produce this product is natively grown in vast and severe environment, Russian Taiga. Tens and hundreds years old wood stumps are chosen to be used after stripping the bark.

The main component of the Siberian larch extract that is extracted in a special way is Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin). Its content in the died extract weight base occupies more than 88%.

Maritime pine bark extract Siberian larch extract

Comparison of antioxidant activity of Siberian larch extract with Maritime pine bark extract was carried out by trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity(TEAC) method, suppresing the generated radical cation (ABTS・+)

From the experiment, the result of Maritime pine bark extract was (5.14 mmol [trolox]/g[dry wight]) and, that of Siberian larch extract was 8.26 mmol [trolox]/g[dry wight]) . Siberian larch extract was 1.6 times more effective.

Tyrosinase Inhibitory effect of Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin)

The effect was getting higher in a concentration-dependent manner. This result suggested that dihydroquercetin(taxifolin) is effective in blocking the synthesis of eumelanin.

Product Information

This product is made of the extract of Siberian larch, and it is the prepared premix to enable to dissolve in water easily.

Features :
  • Anti-aging and anti-melanin synthesis.
  • p-benzoic acid, phenoxyethanol, ethanol free.
  • Precipitation of Siberian larch extract is very hard to occur even when diluted with pure water.
  • Protects ascorbic acid.