About Us

MFCI (previously known as "Huangshi Meifeng Chemical Co., Ltd.") is a technology-based chemical company composed of four production enterprises, and one R&D center. It has totally 480 employees.
Join the forces from universities and scientific institutes, MFCI enjoys a cutting-edge strength in its R&D and production technology, which enables us to provide our customers with not only the cost-effective product but also ever-improving technical service.

Company Overview

In MFCI, outstanding minds, GMP compliant quality assurance system, and regulations for cosmetic industry are integrated. MFCI team provide the following professional services to our clients:

  • 1. Product supply from kilograms to multi-tons
  • 2. Prompt response and efficient after-sales service
  • 3. Custom synthesis and contract manufacture
  • 4. Product R&D and process development
  • 5. End user documentation audits and on-site audits
  • 6. DMF for regulatory compliance
  • 7. Technical support and technology information exchange
  • 8. Strict confidentiality of customers' commercial and technical information